How we work

Artifact is a property company committed to making
great homes. By focusing on creating timeless, enduring
properties we aim to differentiate ourselves from
homogenous, bottom-line driven development.

We believe you want something more, something better.
Every Artifact property is distinctive and responds in a
considered way to the unique context of the site, the
neighbourhood and the community.

Who we are

Artifact was founded by Sophie Wylie and Liam Joyce
with a vision that great design was too often missing
from developments. Passionate about positively contributing
to Auckland’s built environment as it grows and changes,
they have combined Sophie’s background as an architectural
designer and Liam’s expertise as a development manager to
design and develop properties that are unique, comfortable
and with real attention to detail. Artifact is a family business
with a long term focus.

Sophie Wylie

With over 15 years experience as a designer for some of the country’s top architecture practices including Cheshire Architects and RTA Studio, Sophie has expertise in residential, mixed-use and commercial fit out. Particularly concerned with the interplay between light and form, Sophie works hard to create simple and comfortable interior spaces that allow residents to stamp their personal touch.

Liam Joyce

With over a decade working in property and development Liam has a honed ability to spot potential and deliver projects that make the most of their unique site. Considering any Artifact project, his litmus test is to ask if they will be proud to visit that property in 10, 20 or 50 years. A long-term focus coupled with careful project and financial management, he ensures the company delivers properties on time and exceed residents’ expectations.

Tangram City Sculpture by 22 Design Studio

Sophie Wylie

Designer —
Architecture & Partner
+64 22 645 6027

Liam Joyce

+64 22 645 6028

Artifact Property
48 Seaview Ave